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(RGB stands for Red, Green, Blue)

I have been teasing for some time that my brothers and I have been working on a cell phone game app.  I’m happy to announce that it’s available for download from the Google Play app store for android!  Just search for either “Mind Drift RGB” or Talea Studios.  I wish searching Mind Drift would bring the game up, but for some reason it doesn’t, but the two other search terms will bring the game right up for download.  Click here to download the game.

MindDrift is free with the occasional ad. My brother Robbie has the Ads popping up every 5-10 losses.So what is Mind Drift?


It’s a color matching arcade game.

As the colored jewels fall from the top of the screen, touch either the right side of the screen or the left side to spin the the three colors at the bottom.  Match red with red, blue with blue, green with green.

Mismatch the colors and the round is over.

There are a few “difficulty” levels.

Zen: This mode was newly added with today’s update.  Essentially the game stays at the basic level, never increasing in difficulty, promoting a zen like state.  It’s the “relaxing” mode, or the mode for kids or anyone who wants to play without the added challenge of increasing speeds.

Standard:  Mind Drift starts at its easiest, slow pace speed, increasing in difficulty bit by bit until you mismatch colors.  (I was going to write “until you fail miserably,” but that would be mean.)

Medium: Unlocks at 101 points reached.  After you unlock Medium, you can select this as your difficulty, and whenever you die and need to restart, the game begins at 100 points, not 0 points.

Hard:  Unlocks at 300 points.  Once again, when you unlock this mode and can select Hard as your difficulty level, the game starts at 300 points instead of 0 points.

Playing in Zen mode will not unlock Medium or Hard difficulty levels, nor will the points be added to your high score.

Screenshot_2015-04-08-14-31-57  Screenshot_2015-03-10-14-52-51  Screenshot_2015-04-08-14-34-05
My brother Robbie is the crazy one whose achieved 540 points.  The highest I’ve ever achieved is 180 points.  Steven has reached 211 points.  Neither of my parents have made it over 100.

Currently the game isn’t available for Apple products, as we haven’t started the process of getting the game on iTunes.  That’s one of our goals.

We also have the goal of adding a couple more playable modes for Mind Drift.  “Zen +” will act like Zen, only it starts around the 50 point difficulty speed, and will continue at that speed.  A little more challenging.  And there’s going to be “Interchange” mode, where there are no repeating colors, aka no blocks of colors falling down.  Even though we’re working on more games, we’re going to continue to work on Mind Drift, improving it and making it better.

Oh!!  And a biggie!!  My brother Steven and I wrote the song for Mind Drift.  It will soon be available for download on Band Camp, under our band name Cerulean Jade.  We composed a completed version of the song, with an ending instead of the loop, we just need to do a final master of the song.

My brother Robbie did the programing for the game, and Steven did the art.

Here’s a sneak peak for two more games we’re working on.

Orbitar Link_2 8bit Link

And there’s another game in development after these games that Robbie and I started story boarding and creating characters for.  That game, which will remain nameless for some time (though the name makes me giggle :0) is going to be fun.  Can’t wait.  Those characters are so much fun to write.

So much awesomeness ahead!! :0)

By Sarah Stufflebeam

Cerulean Jade – Done with Gravity


“Done With Gravity” is the latest song my brother Steven and I wrote, arranged, performed, mixed, etc, as our brother/sister musical duo Cerulean Jade. Creating the song was fun, doing the music video was a blast.

The song lyrics can be interpreted in many ways, but for the video we thought it would be fun creating a Space exploration theme, taking “Done with Gravity” a little more literal. I’m shown leaving this World, escaping everything that pulls me down.

My brother Robbie created the storyboard for the video, mapping out when I would be shown singing vs. acting in front of the green screen.

My brother Steven, my Cerulean Jade partner in crime, did all of the computer graphics and art. Robbie did the special effects and editing.

It was all quite a feat that took us several months.

We put together a “Behind the Scenes” music video showing the Done With Gravity creative process with photographs and video.

Done With Gravity isn’t yet available for download on Band Camp, but it will soon be available in a few months. Steven and I are working on a piano version of the song that’s more ballad like. We will release the song as a trio: the original version, instrumental version, and piano version.

IMG_4072 IMG_4314 IMG_4330 IMG_5287 IMG_20130313_220313_353 IMG_20130313_220419_792

By Sarah Stufflebeam